Best/Worst Sports Moments of 2017

For the ninth year in a row, I am publishing an account of my top 10 best and worst sports moments of the past year.  Scroll through the blog archives if you want to see the previous editions.  This year I’m adding photographs to help illustrate the most compelling moments of my sports year.  Keep in mind that these are given from a purely subjective viewpoint.  When I say “best/worst moments” I’m not talking about great or horrible sporting events.  I’m talking about moments that affected me the most positively or negatively.  Overall, this was an average year in sports for me featuring several great moments to start the year followed by a largely disappointing fall.  Without further ado, here are my best and worst sports moments for the year 2017.

Best Moments:

1. New England Patriots complete epic Super Bowl comeback over Atlanta (February 5, 2017)– The Patriots are the only true powerhouse I cheer for in professional sports.  I have been a fan since the franchise was a perennial doormat in the early 1990s and have stood by their side through their meteoric rise to become the most successful team in the history of the league.  If the Pats had merely won last February’s Super Bowl in ordinary fashion, their championship would be on this list but probably wouldn’t take the top spot given how common their Super Bowl victories have become.  However, given the truly astonishing way this squad clawed back from a 28-3 hole in the final 20 minutes of the game to win the first-ever Super Bowl to go into overtime, this moment has to take the top spot for the year.


2.  South Carolina basketball upsets Florida to make first-ever Final Four appearance (March 26, 2017)- This will be the first of several South Carolina basketball entries as the Gamecocks took myself and the rest of the fan base on a magical carpet ride to last year’s Final Four.  The best moment on that ride had to be the final victory over Florida that brought Darius Rucker to tears in Madison Square Garden.

3.  South Carolina basketball shocks Duke in second round of NCAA Tournament (March 19, 2017)- My # 2 moment above was the climax of South Carolina’s shocking NCAA tourney run, and my # 3 moment was the biggest upset in that run.  Thanks to North Carolina’s controversial HB-2 bill the NCAA moved the first and second round of the tourney from Greensboro, NC to Greenville, SC giving South Carolina a rare home court advantage over Duke.  They used that energy to knock off the Blue Devils by playing a tremendous defensive game and an incredible offense second half.  As a world-renowned Duke hater, this victory carried even greater significance than it otherwise would.

4.  Houston Astros win first World Series (November 1, 2017)- I have never been a huge Astros fan, but my dad and Uncle both are lifelong diehards, and this year’s squad was an extremely likable bunch.  It was particularly fun to see the Astros capture the title in the dramatic fashion that they did by winning two of the greatest baseball games ever played in World Series Games 2 and 5.  This also marks the third year in a row that the World Series ended up in the top 6 of my best sports moments of the year.  Here’s hoping that the streak will continue in 2018 and the Expos/Nationals franchise take home their first title.  In a fall that was otherwise full of disappointment, the Astros championship stood out as the bright spot of the season.

Image result for houston astros win world series

5.  South Carolina women win school’s first-ever basketball national championship (April 2, 2017)- I am admittedly not a huge women’s basketball fan, but I have followed the sport a lot more the past few seasons because of the success of South Carolina’s program under Dawn Staley.  They have been on doorstep of a title for several years now, but no one thought they could take it this year with mighty UConn standing in the way.  However, thanks to a monumental, buzzer-beating upset by Mississippi State in the Final Four, South Carolina was left playing the Bulldogs for the championship, a team it had already defeated twice earlier in the year, instead of the mighty Huskies from Connecticut.  Before South Carolina played its men’s final four game, I asked my dad whether he’d rather (a) have both squads get to the finals and lose or (b) have the men’s team lose to Gonzaga and the women were win it all.  Without hesitation, he said he’d rather take the women’s championship.  He got his wish as the latter of the two options came to fruition.

6.  South Carolina basketball win first NCAA tournament game since 1973 (March 17, 2017)- Moments # 2 and 3 on this list were the highlights of South Carolina’s miraculous final four run but a run can’t start without an initial victory.  Few will remember that the Gamecocks entered this NCAA Tournament without having won a single game in the Big Dance since 1973.  In fact, most of South Carolina fans, myself and my father included, just wanted to see the Gamecocks end this epic drought and knock off Marquette in the first round.  That’s exactly what they did when they beat the Golden Eagles by 20 points in their tourney opener.  This squad that limped into the tournament all of a sudden was playing free and loose ready to begin a run no one in the Palmetto State will ever forget.

7.  Sergio Garcia wins first major championship at the Masters (April 9, 2017)- I have never been a huge Sergio fan, but I’ve always found him to be a likable character that deserved to win a major championship.  Sure enough, he finally broke through in this year’s Master’s by claiming a come from behind victory in a sudden death playoff over Justin Rose.  Rose has always been one of my favorite players on tour, but I found myself cheering for Sergio to beat him given Garcia’s nearly two decades of major championship futility.

Image result for sergio garcia green jacket

8.  Golden State Warriors win NBA championship over Cleveland Cavaliers (June 12, 2017)- The Warriors have been one of my favorite teams in the league ever since they drafted Steph Curry in 2009.  I attended Wake Forest and Elon during Curry’s college career at Davidson, so I was able to watch him play in person four different times, three of which occurred in intimate small college settings.  At the same time, I am also somewhat of a Lebron hater, as I find both his attitude on and off the court as well as his style of play to be bad for the game.  That is why I found the Warriors’ redemption championship of 2017 to be particularly satisfying despite the lack of drama it produced.

9.  South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics win school’s first-ever state championship in Boys’ Cross Country (November 4, 2017)- I always have one or two random moments on this list that have immense personal significance but little to no actual impact on the national sports scene.  This year’s South Carolina Class A Boys’ Cross Country Championship certainly falls into that category, as my high school alma mater, a tiny, public charter school in Hartsville, SC claimed its first-ever state title in any sport.  All sports at the SCGSSM face an uphill battle given that the entire student body is composed of roughly 130 math and science whiz kids, most of which have little to no interest in any kind of athletics.  Also, as you can imagine, the administration and staff have little to no interest in promoting the athletic department, as the school’s sole focus is the promotion of academic endeavors.  For any team, regardless of the sport, to overcome these obstacles and become state champions is truly remarkable.

10.  New Hanover High School wins first football state championship since 1951 (December 9, 2017)– Just like my # 9 moment, the final moment on this list is a high school state championship that possesses a great amount of personal significance. My current home high school, New Hanover High located in Wilmington, NC, just finished up an impressive march to its first state-championship since 1951. Interestingly enough, the backup quarterback on that ’51 squad was future NFL Hall of Famer Sonny Jurgensen.  I am not sure this year’s Wildcat squad possesses anybody with that kind of NFL potential, but nevertheless, this group of speedsters used a high-powered fun and gun spread offense to outscore their opposition all season long.  I attended two of their games this year, including a thrilling victory over Eastern Guilford in the state semifinals where New Hanover twice stopped their opponents from first and goal inside the one yard line in the fourth quarter.


Worst Moments:

1.  North Carolina wins Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship (April 4, 2017)– College basketball and football are my two favorite sports in the land, but unfortunately both of their championships in 2017 were won by teams that I absolutely despise.  The second of these championships was won by a UNC team that should have lost in the second round of the tourney against Arkansas.  Unfortunately, they slipped by the Hogs and then eked their way all the way to the title, never looking the part of a championship squad.  The worst part about this moment is that I was a shot away from seeing my dream final four come to fruition, as my two favorite west coast teams, Oregon and Gonzaga, were about to join my two favorite non-alma mater schools, Kentucky and South Carolina, in Phoenix.  My dad and I agreed that if those were the four schools to make the final weekend we would find a way to the games, as any potential outcome in that situation would be satisfying.  Unfortunately, Luke Maye’s buzzer-beater not only dashed my dream final four but also set the table for the Heels to beat all of my other favorite squads in Phoenix.  See Kentucky agony below:

2.  Clemson beats Alabama in College Football National Title Game (January 9, 2017)- The first terrible collegiate national champion of 2017 was the Clemson Tigers who upset the Crimson Tide of Alabama to start my sports year off on the wrong foot.  Clemson is by far my most hated college football team and Bama is my mother’s alma mater so this game was either going to be a best or worst moment no matter how it turned out.  I had a bad feeling about the game when I came down with a stomach bug that afternoon and instead of watching the game at a sports bar with friends as I had originally planned, I was confined to watching it from my living room couch next to a trash bag.  The Tigers were able to beat the Tide thanks to a controversial pick on their game-winning touchdown play that should have been called as offensive pass interference.  Nevertheless, the result stood and Clemson celebrated its first national championship not to be marred by NCAA scandal (see Tigers 1981 championship).   For the record I predicted this result in my Best/Worst Moments column from 2016.  Here is a direct quote from that entry: “Unfortunately…I have an eerie feeling that this could be the year Clemson wins it all.  They matchup really well against Ohio State so I fully expect them to knock off the Buckeyes on New Year’s Eve, and assuming they then play the top ranked Crimson Tide in the title game, I think they will learn from last year’s mistakes and find a way to upset Bama in one of those weird payback games.”

 3.  UNCW loses first round heartbreaker to Virginia then loses head coach the following day (March 16-17, 2017)- This is really two different moments however the two are so intimated correlated proximity and subject matter that I am combining them as one.  The only local sports team in my hometown of Wilmington, NC of any national significance is the UNCW basketball team who made the NCAA tournament for the second straight year in 2017 under coach Kevin Keatts.  While their 2017 Colonial Athletic Association Championship was an honorable mention for best sports moments of the year, their season came to a crashing halt the following Thursday when UNCW opened the first round by blowing a double-digit lead against Virginia in a game they could have and probably should have won.  This loss set the tone for a first round that lacked the usual upsets that make the beginning of the NCAA Tournament so special.  However, it wasn’t just the game the Seahawks lost that day, Keatts immediately took the head coaching position at NC State after the game and took with him his entire staff as well as star forward C.J. Bryce and the most talented members of UNCW’s 2017 recruiting class.  The aftermath of this move can still be felt in Wilmington as the current Seahawk squad as stumbled to a 2-9 start under new coach C.B. McGrath.

4.  South Carolina basketball loses heartbreaker to Gonzaga in NCAA Final Four (April 1, 2017)- The saddest aspect of March Madness Cinderella Stores are that they almost always end with a loss.  Butler, VCU, Florida Gulf Coast, Valpo, Chattanooga, Loyola Marymount, Wichita State, George Mason, and Gonzaga all had captivating tourney runs that ended short of a national championship.  In 2017, my South Carolina Gamecocks joined that list by losing a 77-73 heartbreaker to the Zags.  A game so heartbreaking it even brought the toughest coach in college basketball, Frank Martin, to tears (see below).  One hell of a run, but as always midnight strikes on Cinderella.

5.  Wake Forest basketball loses NCAA Opening Round game to Kansas State (March 14, 2017)- My expectations were extremely low going into last season for my alma mater, Wake Forest, so I really should be happy that my Deacons made the field of 68 at all.  However, the defensive meltdown this team had in their loss to opening round loss to K-State certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth.  The Deacons refused to make any adjustments as K-State scored in seemingly every second half possession against Wake’s bad man-to-man defense.  As good as John Collins was in 2017, this squad was capable of achieving more than they ultimately did.

6.  North Carolina acquitted of academic fraud (October 16, 2017)- In what ended up being the worst end to an investigation in the sports world since the O.J. verdict, the NCAA found a loophole in their bylaws to let their beloved Tar Heels off scot-free.  If this was any other program without the prominence, money, and influence of North Carolina, then they would have faced major NCAA sanctions.  This was an absolute travesty and there is really no other way to spin it.

7.  College Football Rivalry Saturday (November 25, 2017)- The Saturday after Thanksgiving is my favorite college football Saturday of the year and definitely one of my top 10 biggest sports days of the year as well.  Unfortunately, in 2017, everything that could go wrong for me on rivalry Saturday did.  All of my teams, Wake Forest, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, and Washington State, all lost meaningful games, and the teams I hate the most  Ohio State, Auburn, Clemson, Louisville, and Georgia all came away victorious.  It was quite literally a parlay of disappointment that continued throughout the entire.


8.  U.S. Men’s Soccer fails to qualify for 2018 World Cup (October 20, 2017)- I am admittedly not a huge soccer fan but given the United States’ recent world cup success it was stunning to see this team fail to qualify for the world cup in 2018.  All the United States needed to do was to tie a Trinidad and Tobago, squad that had lost eight of its last nine games, and they would be assured a place in next year’s event.  Instead, the U.S. lost 2-1, opening the door for Costa Rica and Panama to slip through qualifying.


9.  Wake Forest basketball loses season opener to Georgia Southern (November 10, 2017)– With the departure of John Collins and Dinos Mitoglou, I think realistic Wake Forest fans saw that this would be somewhat of a rebuilding year.  No one, however, thought this team would open the season 0-3 and then 1-4 without playing a single game against a major conference opponent.  The disappointment began on the first night of the season when Wake blew a 14 point second half lead to lose to Georgia Southern 85-83.

10.  Florida baseball beats Wake Forest en route to College Baseball Championship (June 27, 2017)- The Gators were without a doubt the best team in this year’s baseball tournament but the one team that had them on the ropes was my Wake Forest squad after they took the second game of their Super Regionals with an extra innings walk off homer.  Unfortunately, the most obnoxious player in college baseball, Gators’ pitcher Brady Singer, threw some good baseball before throwing an epic temper tantrum as the Gators went on to take the Super Regional en route to their national title.

Bowl Picks (Against the Spread)

These are in order from my most confident pick to least confident.  Lines are based on the current consensus spreads according to

Arizona (-3.5) vs. Purdue- Dec. 27 (8:30)
South Carolina (+7.5) vs. Michigan- Jan. 1 (12:00)
Arkansas State (-3.5) vs. Middle Tennessee- Dec. 16 (8:00)
Miami-FL (+6.5) vs. Wisconsin- Dec. 30 (8:00)
UAB (+7.5) vs. Ohio- Dec. 22 (12:30)
Fresno State (+2.5) vs. Houston- Dec. 24 (8:30
Boston College (+3.0) vs. Iowa- Dec. 27 (5:15)
Texas A & M (+3.0) vs. Wake Forest- Dec. 29 (1:00)
Louisville (-6.5) vs. Miss. State- Dec. 30 (12:00)
FIU (+7.0) vs. UMass- Dec. 21 (8:00)

Last Week’s Record: 6-4, Overall Season Record: 62-78

Bowl Game Upsets to Watch Out For

These are in order from least shocking to most shocking according to the current consensus lines on

Notre Dame (+3.0) vs. LSU- Jan. 1 (1:00)
Boston College (+3.0) vs. Iowa- Dec. 27 (5:15)
Michigan State (+3.0) vs. Washington State- Dec. 28 (9:00)
Texas A & M (+3.0) vs. Wake Forest- Dec. 29 (1:00)
Miami-FL (+6.5) vs. Wisconsin- Dec. 30 (8:00)
FIU (+7.0) vs. Temple- Dec. 21 (8:00)
Southern Cal (+7.0) vs. Ohio State- Dec. 29 (8:30)
Boise State (+7.5) vs. Oregon- Dec. 16 (3:30)
South Carolina (+7.5) vs. Michigan- Jan. 1 (12:00)
UAB (+7.5) vs. Ohio- Dec. 22 (12:30)


Brad’s 16th Annual Mock 16-Team College Football Playoff

For the 16th straight season, I have created a mock college football playoff bracket based my proposed college football playoff system.  I know that a four-team playoff has emerged, but I still think we can do a lot better.  You will see below that 16 is clearly the magic number for the ideal college football playoff, as I will present to you the most comprehensive college football playoff proposal you will see anywhere.  Anyone that would like to see this playoff in an excel bracket format then just let me know, and I’ll send you a copy.

The Field: Clemson (ACC  Champ),  Ohio State (Big 10 Champ), Oklahoma (Big 12 Champ), Southern California (Pac-12 Champ), Georgia (SEC Champ), UCF (AAC Champ), Boise State (MWC Champ), Florida Atlantic (C-USA Champ), Toledo (MAC Champ), Troy (Sun Belt Champ), Alabama (at-large, # 4 in Playoff Rankings), Wisconsin (at-large, # 6 in Playoff Rankings), Auburn (at-large, # 7 in Playoff Rankings), Penn State (at-large, # 9 in Playoff Rankings), Miami-FL (at-large, # 10 in Playoff Rankings), Washington (at-large, # 11 in Playoff Rankings)

South Regional

(1) Clemson vs. (4) Troy, Friday December 15th- 8:00 (ESPN), Charlotte, NC

(2) Southern California vs. (3) Penn State, Saturday December 16th- 8:00 (ABC), San Diego, CA

Winners play Saturday December 23rd at 4:00 in Atlanta, GA (ABC)

West Regional

(1) Alabama vs. (4) Florida Atlantic, Saturday December 16th- 12:00 (ABC), Nashville, TN

(2) Ohio State vs. (3) UCF, Saturday December 16th- 4:00 (ABC), Boise, ID

Winners play Saturday December 23rd at 8:00 in Glendale, AZ (ESPN)

Midwest Regional

(1) Oklahoma vs. (4) Boise State, Saturday December 16th- 8:00 (ESPN), Dallas, TX

(2) Auburn vs. (3) Miami-FL, Thursday December 14th- 8:00 (ESPN), El Paso, TX

Winners play Saturday December 23rd at 4:00 in Arlington, TX (ESPN)

East Regional

(1) Georgia vs. (4) Toledo, Saturday December 16th- 12:00 (ESPN), St. Petersburg, FL

(2) Wisconsin vs. (3) Washington, Saturday December 16th- 4:00 (ESPN), Detroit, MI

Winners play Saturday December 23rd at 12:00 in Orlando, FL (ESPN)

Final Four/Championship

South Champ vs. West Champ, Saturday December 30- 8:00 (ESPN), Miami, FL

Midwest Champ vs. East Champ, Saturday December 30- 4:00 (ESPN), Pasadena, CA

Championship Game, Saturday Jan 6th- 8:00 (ESPN), New Orleans, LA

Basic Format:

  • 16 teams (10 conference championships and 6 at-larges chosen by the top 6 in the Playoff Rankings, which can be chosen exactly as it is now with a committee of 12/13.)
  • 4 regions (teams seeded 1-4 based on committee)
  • Bowl sites will become tourney sites.  See further explanation below.
  • Selection Sunday will be held the day after conference championship day and the first game will be played two weeks after that or one week depending on how late regular season ends.
  • A couple of special stipulations are that two teams from the same conference can’t play in the same region, and each conference is limited to four total playoff teams.
  • Teams can’t play on their home field except in semifinals or finals.


  • I’ve even drafted a mock game schedule that takes into consideration both the interests of the viewers and  television providers.  I’m going to assume that ABC/ESPN buy the rights to playoff coverage, since they have already purchased future New Year’s Six coverage rights.
  • Week 1 (First Round):  Game 1: Thursday 8:00- second best game of the week (ESPN);  Game 2: Friday 8:00- worst game of the week (ESPN); Games 3 and 4: Saturday 12:00- two non-west region games (ABC/ESPN split); Games 5 and 6: Saturday 3:30- two games of any type (ABC/ESPN split); Games 7 and 8: Saturday 8:00- game of the week is on ABC; ESPN has other game.
  • Week 2 (Elite 8): Game 1: Saturday 12:00- Third biggest game of the week but can’t be midwest/west regional final (ESPN); Game 2: Saturday 3:30- Worst game of the week (ESPN); Game 3: Saturday 3:30- Second biggest game of the week (ABC); Game 4: Saturday 8:00- Featured game of the week (ABC).
  • Week 3 (Final Four): Game 1: Saturday 3:30- Second biggest game of the week (ESPN); Game 2: Saturday 8:00- Featured game of the week (ESPN).
  • Week 4 (Championship Game): Saturday 8:00 (ESPN)

Playoff Sites:

  • Lower-tier bowl sites will become first round sites on a rotational basis.   
  • 2017: Charlotte, NC; Detroit, MI; Nashville, TN; St. Petersburg, FL; El Paso, TX; Dallas, TX; Boise, ID; San Diego, CA.  2018: Tampa, FL; Annapolis, MD; Memphis, TN; Mobile, AL; San Antonio, TX; Houston, TX; Albuquerque, NM; Las Vegas, NV; 2019: Jacksonville, FL; New York, NY; Shreveport, LA; Birmingham, AL; Fort Worth, TX; Frisco, TX; San Francisco, CA; Honolulu, HI.
  •  The bowl sites of Arlington, TX (Cotton), Orlando, FL (Citrus), Glendale, AZ (Fiesta), and Atlanta, GA (Peach) will be annual elite 8 sites.
  • The Final Four/Championship games will be held in Pasadena, New Orleans, and Miami.  The championship game will rotate between the 3 sites, and the two final four games will be played in the non-championship cities.
  • Other notes: (1) New bowl sites coming into existence must replace old ones.  (2) The first-round sites that are off of the playoff rotation will still hold bowl games.  More explanation on that to follow.

Remaining Bowl Games:

  • This is time where things get tricky, as I try to accommodate the rest of the bowl eligible teams who do not make the 16-team playoff.
  • There will be 20 bowl games held at all the first-round sites who are off  of the playoff rotation and the four bowl-only sites of: Nassau, Bahamas, Montgomery, AL, Tucson, AZ, and Boca Raton, FL.
  • The names of the bowls can either change depending on which bowl is being played each year, or a bowl game can be played every year at different sites.
  • The tie-ins for the bowls will try to replicate those for the current bowl games with the obvious omission of all tie-ins of conference champions.  Also, the number of bowl teams from each conference may fluctuate depending on how many teams it sends to the playoff in a particular season.
  • Overall, in this system there will be 56 1-A postseason teams (16 in playoff, 40 in bowls), which is much more reasonable than the current number of 78.  Honestly, by taking out some of the garbage teams who currently squeak into bowl games, I think this system will actually make the bowl games more meaningful and watchable.
  • Here would be this year’s bowl schedule based on these principles:
Date Bowl Teams Time
Dec. 22 Bahamas North Texas (9-4) vs. Fresno State (9-4) 12:30 ESPN
Dec. 26 Dollar General Appalachian State (8-4) vs. Navy (6-5) 1:00 ESPN
Dec. 26 Frisco Utah (6-6) vs. West Virginia (7-5) 4:30 ESPN
Dec. 26 Cactus Kansas State (7-5) vs. UCLA (6-6) 9:00 ESPN
Dec. 27 Pinstripe Iowa (7-5) vs. Boston College (7-5) 5:15 ESPN
Dec. 27 Foster Farms Arizona (7-5) vs. Purdue (6-6) 8:30 FOX
Dec. 27 Texas Texas (6-6) vs. Missouri (7-5) 9:00 ESPN
Dec. 28 Military Virginia Tech (9-3) vs. Oklahoma State (9-3) 5:15 ESPN
Dec. 28 Alamo Stanford (9-4) vs. TCU (10-3) 9:00 ESPN
Dec. 29 Independence Wake Forest (7-5) vs. Texas A & M (7-5) 1:00 ESPN
Dec. 29 New Mexico NC State (8-4) vs. Arizona State (7-5) 4:30 ESPN
Dec. 29 Camellia Kentucky (7-5) vs. Northwestern (9-3) 8:00 ESPN
Dec. 30 Taxslayer (Gator) Louisville (8-4) vs. Mississippi State (8-4) 12:00 ESPN
Dec. 30 Armed Forces San Diego State (10-2) vs. Army (8-3) 3:30 ESPN
Dec. 30 Liberty Iowa State (7-5) vs. Memphis (10-2) 4:00 ABC
Jan. 1 Outback Michigan (8-4) vs. South Carolina (8-4) 12:00 ESPN
Jan. 1 Birmingham Texas Tech (6-6) vs. South Florida (9-2) 12:00 ESPN 2
Jan. 1 Las Vegas Wyoming (7-5) vs. Oregon (7-5) 3:30 ESPN
Jan 1 Hawaii Washington State (9-3) vs. Michigan State (9-3) 4:00 FOX
Jan. 1 Boca Raton Notre Dame (9-3) vs. LSU (9-3) 8:00 ABC

Brad’s 2017 Bowl Intrigue Rankings

Some bowl games produce fascinating matchups.  Others produce complete duds.  Here is my subjective ranking of most intriguing bowl games for the 2017 season.

CBS Rank
1 Dec. 29 Belk Wake Forest (7-5) vs. Texas A & M (7-5) 1:00 ESPN 29
2 Jan. 1 Sugar Alabama (11-1) vs. Clemson (12-1) 8:45 ESPN 1
3 Jan. 1 Peach UCF (12-0) vs. Auburn (10-3) 12:30 ESPN 6
4 Dec. 28 Holiday Washington St. (9-3) vs. Michigan St. (9-3) 9:00 FOX 14
5 Dec. 29 Cotton Southern California (11-2) vs. Ohio St. (11-2) 8:30 ESPN 3
6 Jan. 1 Outback Michigan (8-4) vs. South Carolina (8-4) 12:00 ESPN 2 20
7 Jan. 1 Rose Georgia (12-1) vs. Oklahoma (12-1) 5:00 ESPN 2
8 Dec. 29 Music City Kentucky (7-5) vs. Northwestern (9-3) 4:30 ESPN 21
9 Dec. 28 Alamo Stanford (9-4) vs. TCU (10-3) 9:00 ESPN 9
10 Dec. 16 Las Vegas Boise State (10-3) vs. Oregon (7-5) 3:30 ABC 19
11 Dec. 30 Orange Miami (10-2) vs. Wisconsin (12-1) 8:00 ESPN 5
12 Dec. 30 Fiesta Washington (10-2) vs. Penn State (10-2) 4:00 ESPN 4
13 Jan. 1 Citrus Notre Dame (9-3) vs. LSU (9-3) 1:00 ABC 8
14 Dec. 29 Arizona Utah State (6-6) vs. New Mexico State (6-6) 5:30 CBSS 36
15 Dec. 28 Camping World Virginia Tech (9-3) vs. Oklahoma State (9-3) 5:15 ESPN 7
16 Dec. 29 Sun NC State (8-4) vs. Arizona State (7-5) 3:00 CBS 18
17 Dec. 30 Liberty Iowa State (7-5) vs. Memphis (10-2) 12:30 ESPN 10
18 Dec. 27 Texas Texas (6-6) vs. Missouri (7-5) 9:00 ESPN 27
19 Dec. 23 Birmingham Texas Tech (6-6) vs. South Florida (9-2) 12:00 ESPN 13
20 Dec. 16 New Orleans Troy (10-2) vs. North Texas (9-4) 1:00 ESPN 15
21 Dec. 23 Dollar General Appalachian State (8-4) vs. Toledo (11-2) 7:00 ESPN 11
22 Dec. 23 Armed Forces San Diego State (10-2) vs. Army (8-3) 3:30 ESPN 16
23 Dec. 24 Hawaii Fresno State (9-4) vs. Houston (7-4) 8:30 ESPN 22
24 Dec. 22 Bahamas UAB (8-4) vs. Ohio (8-4) 12:30 ESPN 24
25 Dec. 22 Famous Idaho Potato Central Michigan (8-4) vs. Wyoming (7-5) 4:00 ESPN 31
26 Dec. 26 Cactus Kansas State (7-5) vs. UCLA (6-6) 9:00 ESPN 32
27 Dec. 28 Military Virginia (6-6) vs. Navy (6-5) 1:30 ESPN 38
28 Dec. 19 Boca Raton Akron (7-6) vs. Florida Atlantic (10-3) 7:00 ESPN 37
29 Dec. 30 Taxslayer (Gator) Louisville (8-4) vs. Mississippi State (8-4) 12:00 ESPN 12
30 Dec. 26 Quick Lane Duke (6-6) vs. Northern Illinois (8-4) 5:15 ESPN 33
31 Dec. 21 Gasparilla Temple (6-6) vs. Florida International (8-4) 8:00 ESPN 34
32 Dec. 27 Foster Farms Arizona (7-5) vs. Purdue (6-6) 8:30 FOX 26
33 Dec. 16 Cure Western Kentucky (6-6) vs. Georgia St. (6-5) 2:30 CBSS 35
34 Dec. 16 Camellia Arkansas State (7-4) vs. Middle Tenn. (6-6) 8:00 ESPN 28
35 Dec. 20 Frisco Louisiana Tech (6-6) vs. SMU (7-5) 8:00 ESPN 30
36 Dec. 26 Heart of Dallas Utah (6-6) vs. West Virginia (7-5) 1:30 ESPN 23
37 Dec. 27 Pinstripe Iowa (7-5) vs. Boston College (7-5) 5:15 ESPN 17
38 Dec. 27 Independence Southern Miss (8-4) vs. Florida State (6-6) 1:30 ESPN 39
39 Dec. 16 New Mexico Marshall (7-5) vs. Colorado State (7-5) 4:30 ESPN 25

Week 14 College Football Picks

These are in order from my most confident pick to least confident.  Lines are based on the current consensus spreads according to

Southern Cal (-3.0) vs. Stanford- (Fri) 8:00
Auburn (-3.0) vs. Georgia- 4:00
Florida International (-1.5) vs. UMass- 12:00
Georgia State (-6.0) vs. Idaho- 2:00
Clemson (-8.5) vs. Miami-FL- 8:00
Ohio State (-5.5) vs. Wisconsin- 8:00
North Texas (+10.5) at Florida Atlantic- 12:00
Akron (+20.0) vs. Toledo- 12:00
Fresno State (+9.5) at Boise State- 7:45
Georgia Southern (-3.0) at Coastal Carolina- 1:00

Last Week’s Record: 1-9, Overall Season Record: 56-74 (based on these results you probably should be picking the opposite of me in every game!)