Sports Fact of the Day- NCAA National Championship Droughts

Did you know that there are eight schools the Big 6 power conferences that have never won a national championship in any sport?  These teams are: Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Seton Hall, South Florida, DePaul, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Pittsburgh. Keep in mind that USF has only been playing in a major conference for a few years and DePaul and Seton Hall do not play football. Therefore, the real underachievers here are VT, K-State, the two Mississippi schools, and Pittsburgh. Sadly enough, none of the other division 1 schools in Mississippi (Jackson State, Mississippi Valley State, Southern Miss, etc.) have won a title of any type either. Therefore, Mississippi joins South Dakota as the only states in the country to never celebrate a Division 1 national championship. The major difference being that South Dakota has rarely participated in Division 1 athletics, whereas Mississippi has been doing it in every sport for over a century. I will also note that there are a few major conference teams that have BARELY avoided being listed here.  For instance, Vanderbilt has only won a national championship in the sport of women’s bowling.

Because the NCAA doesn’t declare a national champion in Division 1-A football, I decided to give credit for championships in that sport if they were unanimously voted on. Therefore, Alabama is not included on this list because they have won several consensus national football championships, even though they have never won a title in any other sport. Ole Miss, on the other hand, is on this list because even thought they won a couple of split titles in the 1950s and 60s, they were have never won an “undisputed national championship” of any type.


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