Ranking of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

I’m still in a state of nirvana following the Patriots unbelievable Super Bowl victory last Sunday.  In addition to analyzing the game in great detail, I also rank the top commercials of every Super Bowl.  Here are this year’s rankings.  Feel free to comment or debate.

Best Super Bowl Commercials 2015
1 Boston Tea Party/American Revolution Turbo Tax (1st Quarter)
2 First Draft Ever Avocados (2nd Quarter)
3 BMW “Today Show” (1st Quarter)
4 Mercedes “Tortoise and the Hare” (4th Quarter)
5 Brady Bunch Snickers commercial (1st Quarter)
6 Budweiser Lost Dog (2nd Quarter)
7 Pete Rose Hall of Fame Skechers (Halftime)
8 Fiat Erectile Dysfunction (2nd Quarter)
9 Bud Light “Pac Man” (4th Quarter)
10 Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer (4th Quarter)
11 Terminantor Genisys Movie trailer (2nd Quarter)
12 Lindsay Lohan Esurance commerical (1st Quarter)
13 Jurrassic World Movie Trailer (1st Quarter)
14 Muhammad Ali Toyota Camry (1st Quarter)
15 Kate Upton “Game of War” (1st Quarter)
16 Minions Movie Trailer (1st Quarter)
17 Budweiser Macro vs. Micro Brew (3rd Quarter)
18 Weightwatchers.com (2nd Quarter)
19 Mophie “End of World” (4th Quarter)
20 Moutain Dew Kickstart Dancing Animals (Postgame)

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