Ranking of 2016 Super Bowl Commercials

Sorry for the delay in getting these out.  I’m still recovering from the Panthers heartbreaking defeat.  Here are this year’s rankings of my favorite Super Bowl commercials.  Feel free to comment or debate.


Best Super Bowl Commercials 2016
1 Doritos “Ultrasound” (1st Quarter)
2 NFL “Super Bowl Babies” (3rd Quarter)
3 Mountain Dew “Puppy Monkey Baby” (1st Quarter)
4 Doritos “Dog Sneaks into Grocery Store” (3rd Quarter)
5 The Bud Light Party (2nd Quarter)
6 Independece Day 2 Movie Trailer (2nd Quarter)
7 Turbo Tax “Anthony Hopkins Selling Out” (3rd Quarter)
8 Honda Ridgeline “Sheep Singing” (3rd Quarter)
9 Food Lion “Through the Years” (Halftime)
10 The Secret Life of Pets Movie Trailer (4th Quarter)
11 Snickers “Marilyn Monroe” (1st Quarter)
12 Jungle Book Movie Trailer (1st Quarter)
13 Amazon Echo “Marino vs. Baldwin” (Halftime)
14 Budweiser “Helen Mirren Drunk Driving PSA” (4th Quarter)
15 NFL “Super Bowl 100 Preview” (4th Quarter)
16 Avocaods “Aliens Study Earth” (1st Quarter)
17 T-Mobile “Drake Cell Phone Song” (4th Quarter)
18 T-Mobile “Steve Harvey Cue Card Controversy” (2nd Quarter)
19 Amazon Echo “Alec Baldwin Hangover” (Postgame)
20 Heinz “Weiner Dogs” (3rd Quarter)

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