Ranking of 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

Finally got some time to publish my annual ranking of the best Super Bowl commercials.  Let me know what you think.

Best Super Bowl Commercials 2017
1 Honda “Yearbook” (2nd Quarter)
2 Buick “My Kid is Cam Newton” (2nd Quarter)
3 Febreeze “Halftime Bathroom Break” (2nd Quarter)
4 Mr. Clean “Sexy Cleaner” (3rd Quarter)
5 Inuit “Humpty Dumpty” (2nd Quarter)
6 T-mobile “50 shades of gray” (3rd Quarter)
7 Baywatch movie trailer (3rd Quarter)
8 “A Cure For Wellness” Movie Promo (3rd Quarter)
9 Go Daddy “Internet Rick Rolled” (1st Quarter)
10 Verizon “Fake Death” (2nd Quarter)
11 Itsa10 “Bad Hair” (3rd Quarter)
12 Squarespace “John Malkovich domain” (2nd Quarter)
13 NFL “Super Bowl Babies” (Halftime)
14 Hyundai “Troops Watching Super Bowl” (Postgame)
15 Amazon Echo “Buster” (4th Quarter)
16 KIA “Eco Warrior” (3rd Quarter)
17 National Geographic “Genius’ Bad Romance” (Halftime)
18 Google Home “Take Me Home” (1st Quarter)
19 Michelob Ultra “Cheers Intro Song” (2nd Quarter)
20 Audi “Female Go Cart Racing” (3rd Quarter)
21 Hulu “The Handmaids Tale” Promo (2nd Quarter)
22 T-Mobile “History of Celebration” (2nd Quarter)
23 Intel “Tom Brady” (1st Quarter)
24 Skittles “Romance by the Window” (1st Quarter)
25 Avocados “Secret Society (1st Quarter)

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