Brad’s 2017 College Football Preview- Heisman Picks

Every summer since 2007 I have created an intricate set of college football predictions for each upcoming season.  This year is no exception, as I will be using my blog over the next few weeks to publish my 11th annual college football preview guide.   For my final post in this preview guide, I am giving you my preseason Heisman Top 10.  Feel free to comment or debate on this post as well as any others included in this preview guide.

Preseason Heisman Top 10
1 Sam Darnold, USC
2 Lamar Jackson, L-ville
3 Jake Browning, Wash.
4 Mason Rudolph, OK St.
5 Baker Mayfield, OKla.
6 Deondre Francois, FSU
7 Nick Chubb, Georgia
8 Luke Falk, Wazzou
9 Jalen Hurts, Alabama
10 J.T. Barret, Ohio State

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