Biggest Moments of Each Olympics

Every Olympics, no matter if its Summer or Winter, there is always one or two moments, stories, or events that leave an indelible mark on us as sports fans.  While many of the events and sports blend together from year to year there is at least one “Olympic” moment that reminds us why we all love this sporting event so much.  Here is a listing of those moments from the 1960 Olympics onward.  Feel free to disagree and dicuss.

Year Olympics Moment
1960 Winter (Squaw Valley, California) U.S. wins first ever gold medal in Olympic hockey
1960 Summer (Rome, Italy) Cassius Clay wins olympic gold in light heavyweight boxing
1964 Winter (Innsbruck, Austria) Terry McDermott wins first speed skating gold for U.S. in 12 years
1964 Summer (Tokyo, Japan) Billy Mills becomes only American ever to win 10,000 meter race
1968 Winter (Grenoble, France) Peggy Fleming wins U.S. women’s figure skating gold
1968 Summer (Mexico City, Mexico) Bob Beamon flies to world record 29 foot gold medal jump in the long jump
1972 Winter (Sapporo, Japan) Japan wins first-ever olympic winter medals in front of home crown in ski jumping
1972 Summer (Munich, Germany) United States gets screwed out of olympic basketball gold by USSR
1976 Winter (Innsbruck, Austria) Dorothy Hamill wins women’s figure skating olympic gold
1976 Summer (Montreal, Canada) Nadia Comaneci gets first perfect 10 en route to women’s gymnastics gold
1980 Winter (Lake Placid, NY) Miracle on Ice: U.S. Men’s Hockey Team wins gold medal
1980 Summer (Moscow, Soviet Union) Allan Wells wins first British 100 meter gold since 1924
1984 Winter (Sarajevo, Yugoslavia) Scott Hamilton wins men’s figure skating olympic gold
1984 Summer (Los Angeles, CA) Carl Lewis makes olympic debut and wins four gold medals
1988 Winter (Calgary, Canada) Bonnie Blair makes olympic debute and wins speed skating gold
1988 Summer (Seoul, South Korea) Roy Jones Jr. gets screwed out of olympic boxing gold
1992 Winter (Albertville, France) Kristi Yamaguchi wins women’s figure skating gold
1992 Summer (Barcelona, Spain) The Dream Team wins U.S. men’s basketball gold
1994 Winter (Lilehammer, Norway) Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding saga
1996 Summer (Atlanta, GA) Kerri Strug lands vault on one foot to win team gold for U.S. gymnastics
1998 Winter (Nagano, Japan) Hermann Maier wrecks in downhill but comes back to win two gold medals
2000 Summer (Sydney, Australia) Rulon Gardner wins shocking greco-roman wrestling gold medal with incredible upset
2002 Winter (Salt Lake City, UT) Sarah Hughes wins shocking gold in women’s figure skating
2004 Summer (Athens, Greece) U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team falters to bronze medal
2006 Winter (Torino, Italy) Shaun White dominates olympic snowboarding half pipe en route to his first gold
2008 Summer (Beijing, China) Michael Phelps sets record for 8 gold medals in one olympics
2010 Winter (Vancouver, Canada) Lindsey Vonn wins first U.S. gold in women’s downhill
2012 Summer (London, England) Andy Murray wins first British tennis gold medal at Wimbledon
2014 Winter (Sochi, Russia) Canada women’s hockey completes shocking comeback over U.S. in gold medal game
2016 Summer (Rio de Janiero, Brazil) Michael Phelps wins 5 golds in Olympic swan song
2018 Winter (Pyeongchang, South Korea) Chris Mazdzer wins first-ever U.S. olympic men’s singles luge medal

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