Week 5 College Football Picks

These are in order from my most confident pick to least confident.  Lines are based on the current spreads from the Five Dimes sportsbook.

Virginia Tech (-3.0) vs. Duke- (Fri) 7:00
Central Michigan (+17.0) at Western Michigan- 12:00
Buffalo (-1.0) at Miami-OH- 12:00
Auburn (-10.5) vs. Miss. State- 7:00
Oklahoma State (-4.0) vs. Kansas State- 7:00
San Jose State (+18.0) at Air Force- (Fri) 8:00
Maryland (+6.5) vs. Penn State- (Fri) 8:00
Wyoming (-9.5) vs. UNLV- 8:00
Boston College (+6.5) vs. Wake Forest- 3:30
Michigan State (-14.0) vs. Indiana- 3:30

Last Week’s Record: 7-3, Overall Season Record: 28-12 (still burning it up!)


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