Ranking the Wrestlemanias

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In honor of the only major “sporting” event going on this weekend, I have produced a list of the best wrestlemanias including my notes about the main events, best matches, and memorable milestones.  I am not a huge wrestling fan by any means but I have had enough phases through the years where I feel like I can produce a decent ranking.  Enjoy and feel free to comment or debate.

Greatest Wrestlemanias
1 Wrestlemania III (1987) Hogan vs. Giant in main event; Savage vs. Steamboat was legendary match
2 Wrestlemania XIV (1998) Stone Cold beats Shawn Michaels
3 Wrestlemania VI (1990) Hogan vs. Warrion in one of the great title matches ever
4 Wrestlemania XVII (2001) Stone cold vs rock rematch and loaded card with tons of stars
5 Wrestlemania X (1994) first-ever ladder match in WWE history
6 Wrestlemania XVIII (2002) Weak main event but loaded undercard
7 Wrestlemania XXX (2014) Undertaker’s streak ends; Daniel Bryan’s Cinderella run to championship
8 Wrestlemania IX (1993) memorable outdoor event
9 Wrestlemania XIX (2003) Lesnar vs Angle Main Event; card also featuring Rock/Stone Cold, Hogan, Michaels
10 Wrestlemania V (1989) too many matches but really good main event
11 Wrestlemania I (1985) good main event with lots of celebs
12 Wrestlemania XXII (2006) Cena vs HHH main event; raucous arena atmosphere but last wrestlemania in arena
13 Wrestlemania XV (1999) Rock vs. Stone Cole main event
14 Wrestlemania XIII (1997) Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart submission match was epic despite lackluster main event
15 Wrestlemania VII (1991) Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter
16 Wrestlemania XXIV (2008) Undertaker vs Edge main of event; Floyd Mayweather makes guest of appearance
17 Wrestlemania XXIII (2007) Cena vs Michaels main event; Donald Trump makes guest appearance
18 Wrestlemania XXVIII (2012) Rock vs Cena main event
19 Wrestlemania XXXV (2019) Kofi Kingston wins title
20 Wrestlemania XXXIII (2017) Undertaker’s farewell match
21 Wrestlemania XII (1996) hour long main event between Hart and Michaels is boring
22 Wrestlemania XXXII (2016) too long and overdone
23 Wrestlemania XXV (2009) Undertaker vs Michaels was epic match but main event was weak and no celebs
24 Wrestlemania XX (2004) Triple threat main event featuring Michaels, HHH, Benoit
25 Wrestlemania XXXI (2015) most overrated Wrestlemania; triple threat title matches have been overdone
26 Wrestlemania XXVII (2011) The Miz vs John Cena main event
27 Wrestlemania XXXIV (2018) Rhonda Rousey debut
28 Wrestlemania XVI (2000) card lacks star power; Triple H wins main event
29 Wrestlemania XXVI (2010) Undertaker vs Michaels main event
30 Wrestlemania XXI (2005) Weak main event
31 Wrestlemania VIII (1992) Hogan vs. Sid Justice is underwhelming main event
32 Wrestlemania XXIX (2013) repeat main event of Rock vs. Cena lacked luster
33 Wrestlemania XIV (1988) tournament takes way too long and is poorly formatted
34 Wrestlemania II (1986) terrible idea with using three different venues
35 Wrestlemania XI (1995) no good matches and terrible main event

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