Bowl Game Upsets to Watch Out For

These are in order from least shocking to most shocking according to the current lines at the Caesars Sportsbook.

NC State (+3.0) vs. Kentucky- (Jan. 2) 12:00
Nevada (+3.0) vs. Tulane- (Dec. 22) 3:30
Northwestern (+3.5) vs. Auburn- (Jan 1) 1:00
Oregon (+4.0)vs. Iowa State- (Jan. 2) 4:00
UCF (+7.0) vs. BYU- (Dec. 22) 7:00
Cincinnati (+7.5) vs. Georgia- (Jan. 1) 12:00

Last week’s Upset Pick of the Week: Stanford (+6.5) over UCLA

Reactions: UC Bearcats defeat Tulsa, 27-24, for AAC Championship

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