Brad’s 2021 College Football Preview- Regular Season Upset Picks

Every summer since 2007 I have created an intricate set of college football predictions for each upcoming season.  This year is no exception, as I will be using my blog over the next few hours to publish my 15th annual college football preview guide which will contain 19 entries in all. Over the past six seasons, I have made my college football offseason more expansive by predicting the outcome of every single game that is played by every FBS team over the course of the upcoming season.  I obviously sprinkle a few upsets in there when favored teams matchup poorly with inferior opponents or play them at inopportune times.  Last season, eight of my predicted upsets hit despite the scheduling changes that prevented several of these games from even taking place. Those correct picks included: Indiana’s stunning victory over Penn State, East Carolina’s home upset of SMU as a double-digit underdog, Coastal Carolina’s surprise victory over Arkansas State which catapulted their Cinderella 2021 conference title run, and most importantly Iowa State’s improbable win over Oklahoma that knocked them out of the national championship race. This year’s upset picks are listed below in chronological order, and the ten upset picks that will be the most impactful to the college football playoff picture are marked in bold.  Also, the (H), (A), and (N) monikers written on each line represents whether or not the the team pulling off the upset is playing the game at home, away from home, or at a neutral site.  Feel free to comment or debate on this post as well as any others included in this preview guide. 

Preseason Upset Picks of the Year
1East Carolina over Appalachian State (N)- September 2
2Houston Baptist over New Mexico (A)- September 2
3South Dakota State over Colorado State (A)- September 3
4UL-Lafayette over Texas (A)- September 4
5Holy Cross over UConn (A)- September 4
6UMass over Eastern Michigan (H)- September 18
7Mississippi State over LSU (H)- September 25
8Western Kentucky over Indiana (H)- September 25
9Georgia Southern over UL-Lafayette (H)- September 25
10Cincinnati over Notre Dame (A)- October 2
11Arkansas over Auburn (H)- October 16
12Kansas over Texas Tech (H)- October 16
13West Virginia over Iowa State (H)- October 30
14Michigan State over Michigan (H)- October 30
15New Mexico State over Utah State (H)- November 6
16Liberty over Ole Miss (A)- November 6
17Nebraska over Ohio State (H)- November 6
18Pittsburgh over North Carolina (H)- November 11
19Oregon State over Stanford (H)- November 13
20Vanderbilt over Kentucky (H)- November 13
21Missouri over Florida (H)- November 20
22Virginia Tech over Miami-FL (A)- November 20
23Colorado over Washington (H)- November 20
24NC State over North Carolina (H)- November 26
25San Diego State over Boise State (H)- November 26

My predicted upset of the year is going to happen on November 6th when Ohio State travels to Nebraska in a classic trap game. The two weeks prior to this OSU is going to have all the attention on them as they play Indiana and Penn State in consecutive marquee matchups. Assuming the Bucks win both of those, they will likely be 8-0 heading to Lincoln and in prime position for a letdown spot against a Scott Frost team that will be desperate for a program-defining win. Keep in mind, the last time the Huskers played OSU without Justin Fields in 2018 they almost sprung the upset as an 18 point road underdog.


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