Brad’s 2021 NFL Preview: NFC Regular Season Predictions

Now that I have thoroughly analyzed the hypothetical college football season, I have decided to engage in a similar analysis for the National Football League. Last season, I published my first set of NFL predictions on my blog, and given the popularity those articles garnered, I thought it would be worth doing them again.. Much like my college preview, I have gone through and analyzed every NFL team’s regular season and postseason, as well as selected my disappointment and surprise teams and upsets to watch out for.

The records below include all regular season games but do not include playoff games, which will be analyzed in a later entry. The teams marked in bold font are the ones predicted to make the 2020 NFL playoffs. Without further ado, here are my NFC regular season predictions for my second annual NFL preview guide.

National Football Conference - Wikipedia
NFC East
1Dallas (9-8)
2Washington (8-9)
3Philadelphia (5-12)
4NY Giants (3-14)
NFC North
1Green Bay (11-6)
2Minnesota (10-7)
3Chicago (6-11)
4Detroit (5-12)
NFC South
1Tampa Bay (14-3)
2New Orleans (9-8)
3Atlanta (8-9)
4Carolina (5-12)
NFC West
1Seattle (13-4)
2San Francisco (12-5)
3LA Rams (11-6)
4Arizona (7-10)


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