First Round NCAA/NIT (Against the Spread Picks)

These are listed in chronological order by day. Spreads are based on current lines at the Caesar Sports book.

Thursday’s Games:

Providence (-2.0) vs. South Dakota State- Th (12:40)
Richmond (+10.5) vs. Iowa- Th (3:10)
North Carolina (-3.0) vs. Marquette- Th (4:30)
Kentucky (-18.0) vs. St. Peter’s- Th (7:10)
Murray State (-1.5) vs. San Francisco- Th (9:40)

Friday’s Games:

Ohio State (Pick) vs. Loyola-Chicago- Fri (12:15)
Texas (-1.0) vs. Virginia Tech- Fri (4:30)- Lock of the weekend!
UAB (+8.5) vs. Houston- Fri (9:20)
Michigan State (-1.0) vs. Davidson- Fri (9:40)
Seton Hall (Pick) vs. TCU- Fri (9:57)

First Four Bonus Pick: Rutgers (+1.0) vs. Notre Dame- Wed (9:10)

NIT Bonus Pick: Dayton (+1.0) at Toledo- Wed (7:00)


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