Brad’s 2022 NFL Preview: Comprehensive Power Rankings

Now that I have thoroughly analyzed the upcoming college football season, it is time for me to publish my third annual NFL preseason football guide. Much like my college preview, I have gone through and analyzed every NFL team’s regular season and postseason, as well as selected my disappointment and surprise teams and upsets to watch out for.

Here is my full predicted final ranking of all 32 teams. The teams in bold are the ones predicted to play in this year’s NFL Playoffs.

1Buffalo (14-3)
2Kansas City (12-5)
3Philadelphia (13-4)
4Green Bay (10-7)
5LA Rams (10-7)
6Tampa Bay (11-6)
7LA Chargers (11-6)
8San Francisco (11-6)
9Indianapolis (11-6)
10New Orleans (11-6)
11Dallas (11-6)
12Baltimore (10-7)
13New England (10-7)
14Cincinnati (9-8)
15Arizona (10-7)
16Denver (9-8)
17Cleveland (9-8)
18Miami (8-9)
19Tennessee (8-9)
20Detroit (8-9)
21Pittsburgh (7-10)
22Las Vegas (7-10)
23Minnesota (7-10)
24Washington (7-10)
25NY Giants (7-10)
26Chicago (7-10)
27Carolina (6-11)
28Seattle (5-12)
29Atlanta (5-12)
30NY Jets (3-14)
31Jacksonville (3-14)
32Houston (2-15)

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