Week 11 NFL (Against the Spread) Picks

These are in order from my most confident pick to least confident. Lines are based on the current spreads at the Caesars Sportsbook. Sorry for the lack of commentary this week, but I am in Montego Bay covering the Jamaica Classic basketball tournament so you get an abridged edition for this weekend’s games.

NY Giants (-3.0) vs. Detroit- (Sun) 1:00
Minnesota (+1.0) vs. Dallas- (Sun) 4:25
Houston (+3.0) vs. Washington- (Sun) 1:00
LA Chargers (+5.0) vs. Kansas City- (Sun) 8:20
Atlanta (-3.0) vs. Chicago- (Sun) 1:00

Last Week’s Record: 2-3, Overall Season Record: 30-20 (batting .600 so far in the NFL this season!)

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