Ranking of Favorite Teams- College Football

Here is the ranking of my favorite Division 1-A college football teams.  They are divided by conference/division ordered from my favorite to least favorite.

SEC (It’s home to some of my most hated teams but also 4 out of 5 of my favorites.)

SEC East

1.  South Carolina-My father’s alma mater and home to the most loyal fans in all of college football. 

2.  Kentucky- They were the team I grew up with.

3.  Vanderbilt- My parents actually met here during Grad School.

4.  Missouri

5.  Florida

6.  Georgia

7.  Tennessee

SEC West

1.  Ole Miss- Bad stadium.  Alright coach.  Great nickname.  Amazing tailgate.

2.  Alabama-My mother’s alma mater and home to some of the best fans in college football.

3.  Mississippi State

4.  Texas A & M

5.  LSU

6.  Arkansas

7.  Auburn


 Pac-12 (Fun teams, fun football, fun nicknames.)

Pac-12 North

1.  Washington State- Since Leach holds a prominent spot on my favorite sportsmen of all-time list then clearly the team he coaches is going to be ranked high on this list.

2.  Oregon State

3.  Stanford

4.  Oregon

5.  California

6.  Washington

Pac-12 South

1.  Arizona State – It seems like this is the one conference everyone kinda has a random team they cheer for.  Mine are the Devils because of their miraculous Rose Bowl run in 1996.

2.  Utah

3.  Colorado

4.  Arizona

5.  UCLA

6.  Southern California


American Athletic (Conference is so bad.  It’s hard not to like them.)

1.  Rutgers

2.  South Florida

3.  Temple

4.  SMU

5.  Houston

6.  Memphis

7.  Connecticut

8.  Cincinnati

9.  UCF

10.  Louisville


Big 12 (Don’t like many of the teams, but the games are always entertaining)

1.  Baylor.

2.  Texas Tech

3.  Oklahoma State

4.  Kansas State

5.  Iowa State

6.  Kansas

7.  TCU

8.  West Virginia

9.  Texas

10.  Oklahoma


ACC (Other than Wake there is just not much to like here.)

ACC Atlantic

1.  Wake Forest- O Mother So Dear!

2.  Syracuse

3.  Maryland

4.  Boston College

5.  NC State

6.  Florida State

7.  Clemson

ACC Coastal

1.  Virginia

2.  Georgia Tech

3.  Duke

4.  North Carolina

5.  Pittsburgh

6.  Virginia Tech

7.  Miami-FL


Big 10 (I don’t really have anything against the conference other than the fact they play boring, barely watchable football)

Legends Division

1.  Northwestern 

2.  Minnesota

3.  Michigan

4.  Michigan State

5.  Iowa 

6.  Nebraska

Leaders Division

1.  Indiana

2.  Illinois

3.  Purdue

4.  Penn State

5.  Wisconsin

6.  Ohio State



1.  Army

2.  Navy

3.  Idaho

4.  New Mexico State

5.  Brigham Young

6.  Notre Dame- I don’t hate them as much as a lot of college football fans do, but I don’t like them either.


Other 1-A Conferences (Favorites and Least Favorites)

Mountain West- Favorite: Boise State, Least Favorite: Nevada

Conference USA– Favorite: East Carolina, Least Favorite: Marshall 

Sun Belt– Favorite: Western Kentucky, Least Favorite: Troy 

MAC– Favorite: Ball State, Least Favorite: Bowling Green


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