Ranking of Favorite Teams- NFL

The ordering of my favorite NFL teams:

1.  Patriots– They were my randomly selected favorite team during my childhood, and I’ve stuck with them when they’ve been good, when they’ve been bad, when they’ve been lovable, and when they’ve been hateable.

2.  Bengals– They were sort of the home team during my childhood years when I lived in Kentucky.  They’ve also never won the big one.

3  Saints– The ultimate lovable loser, who will undoubtedly be the subject of a movie about their 2009-10 season.

4.  Cardinals– Another underdog who is easy to root for.  Not to mention Phoenix is a great city.

5.  Titans– I guess I better put my wife’s favorite team somewhere in the top 10.

6  Browns– I know I shouldn’t have two rivals like Cincy and Cleveland both in the top 10 but both are great annual underdog stories.

7.  Seahawks

8. Lions

9.  Falcons

10. Colts

11. Texans

12. Jaguars

13. Chargers

14. Raiders– Best logo and best fans in the game.

15. Cowboys

16. Bills

17. Jets

18. Rams

19. Bears

20. Broncos

21. Vikings

22. Buccaneers

23. 49ers

24. Chiefs

25. Redskins- I was a Cowboys fan during the Jimmy Johnson era, so naturally I didn’t like their archrival.

26. Dolphins- Didn’t like Dan Marino

27. Ravens

28. Packers- I don’t like Favre, so my animosity with this team began in the 90’s

29. Eagles- Worst fans in the world.

30. Giants- Don’t really like the Mannings, plus they beat my Patriots in two different Super Bowls.

31.  Panthers– The acquisition of Scam Newton dropped this team from my second favorite to second most hated.  See my least favorite sportsmen entry below to find out why.

32. Steelers- The Penguins are actually one of my favorite hockey teams, so I’m definitely hot and cold when it comes to Pittsburgh teams.  Honestly, I just didn’t really like the Bradshaw era in the 70’s, and I’ve carried my animosity with me to this day.  The Steelers are my favorite of my least favorite teams if that’s any consolation.


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