Brad’s 23rd Annual College Football Bowl Projections

Date Bowl Teams Time Channel
16-Dec New Orleans UAB Arkansas State 1:00 ESPN
16-Dec Cure Western Kentucky Georgia State 2:30 CBSS
16-Dec Las Vegas Boise/Fresno winner UCLA 3:30 ABC
16-Dec New Mexico Louisiana Tech Colorado State 4:30 ESPN
16-Dec Camellia Ohio Troy 8:00 ESPN
19-Dec Boca Raton South Florida Florida Atlantic 7:00 ESPN
20-Dec Frisco SMU Oregon 8:00 ESPN
21-Dec Gasparilla Temple Florida International 8:00 ESPN
22-Dec Bahamas Marshall Northern Illinois 12:30 ESPN
22-Dec Famous Idaho Potato Central Michigan Wyoming 4:00 ESPN
23-Dec Birmingham Memphis Texas Tech 12:00 ESPN
23-Dec Armed Forces UTSA Army 3:30 ESPN
23-Dec Dollar General Akron Appalachian State 7:00 ESPN
24-Dec Hawaii Houston Boise/Fresno loser 8:30 ESPN
26-Dec Heart of Dallas Iowa State North Texas 1:30 ESPN
26-Dec Quick Lane Duke Toledo 5:15 ESPN
26-Dec Cactus Kansas State Arizona 9:00 ESPN
27-Dec Independence Wake Forest Southern Miss 1:30 ESPN
27-Dec Pinstripe Boston College Purdue 5:15 ESPN
27-Dec Foster Farms San Diego State Washington State 8:30 FOX
27-Dec Texas Texas Texas A & M 9:00 ESPN
28-Dec Military Navy Virginia 1:30 ESPN
28-Dec Camping World NC State Oklahoma State 5:15 ESPN
28-Dec Holiday Northwestern Stanford/USC loser 9:00 FOX
28-Dec Alamo TCU Washington 9:00 ESPN
29-Dec Belk Virginia Tech Missouri 1:00 ESPN
29-Dec Sun Louisville Arizona State 3:00 CBS
29-Dec Music City Iowa Kentucky 4:30 ESPN
29-Dec Arizona New Mexico State Utah State 5:30 CBSS
29-Dec Cotton Penn State Notre Dame 8:30 ESPN
30-Dec Taxslayer (Gator) Florida State Mississippi State 12:00 ESPN
30-Dec Liberty West Virginia Utah 12:30 ABC
30-Dec Fiesta Ohio State/Wisky loser Southern Cal/Stanford winner 4:00 ESPN
30-Dec Orange Miami-FL Alabama 8:00 ESPN
1-Jan Outback Michigan LSU 12:00 ESPN 2
1-Jan Peach- Semifinal UCF Georgia/Auburn loser 12:30 ESPN
1-Jan Citrus Michigan State South Carolina 1:00 ABC
1-Jan Rose Oklahoma Georgia/Auburn winner 5:00 ESPN
1-Jan Sugar Clemson Ohio State/Wisky winner 8:45 ESPN

3 thoughts on “Brad’s 23rd Annual College Football Bowl Projections

  1. Do you think the CFP is more or less corrupt than the BCS when it comes to putting the best teams in the playoff? By corrupt, I mean heavily influenced by money rather than pure football.

  2. Very good question. I’d say it’s about the same. The Playoff committee is basically a re-formatted version of the BCS run by the exact same people. Bill Hancock has been the chairman/executive director of both.

  3. True. I was a big fan of the CFP when it was first announced, but I will never get over the TCU/Baylor snub of 2014. Seems like Ohio State is going to find a way to sneak in again this year.

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