Brad’s 2020 College Football Preview- MAC Predictions

Mid-American Conference APR Scores Are On The Rise - Hustle Belt

Every summer since 2007 I have created an intricate set of college football predictions for each upcoming season.  This year is no exception, as I will be using my blog over the next few weeks to publish my 14th annual college football preview guide which will contain 19 entries in all (see July 28th article for full schedule).  The records below reflect each team’s predicted regular season overall record followed by their conference record.  These records include conference title games for the two division champions but exclude bowl games which will be previewed later on in a separate column on this blog.  The team marked in bold font in each conference preview is my predicted champion for that particular league.  Without further ado, here are my predictions for the Mid-American Conference in 2020.

East Division
1 Ohio (10-3, 7-1)
2 Miami-OH (8-4, 7-1)
3 Buffalo (7-5, 4-4)
4 Kent State (4-8, 3-5)
5 Bowling Green (5-7, 3-5)
6 Akron (2-10, 0-8)
West Division
1 Western Michigan (9-4, 7-1)
2 Central Michigan (6-6, 5-3)
3 Toledo (7-5, 5-3)
4 Ball State (5-7, 3-5)
5 Northern Illinois (4-8, 3-5)
6 Eastern Michigan (1-11, 1-7)

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