Brad’s 2021 Bowl Intrigue Rankings

Some bowl games produce fascinating matchups. Others produce complete duds. These rankings can basically be broken down into three categories: games 1-14 are “must see tv”, games 15-28 are “decent/watchable” bowl games, and games 29-42 are “potential duds geared towards alumni only”. In fact, I would argue that the top game on this list is the most important bowl game ever played, as it will shape how Group of Five teams are viewed for the next several decades, whereas, the last game on this list is possibly the most meaningless bowl game ever, as it is a one-time only exhibition created for the sole purpose of giving every bowl eligible team a postgame to play in. Without further ado, here is my subjective ranking of the most intriguing bowl games for the 2021 season.

1Dec. 31Cotton (Semifinal # 1)Cincinnati (13-0) vs. Alabama (12-1)3:30ESPN
2Dec. 31Orange (Semifinal # 2)Georgia (12-1) vs. Michigan (12-1)7:30ESPN
3Dec. 31GatorWake Forest (10-3) vs. Texas A & M (8-4)11:00 (AM)ESPN
4Dec. 28LibertyMississippi State (7-5) vs. Texas Tech (6-6)6:45ESPN
5Jan. 1CitrusIowa (10-3) vs. Kentucky (9-3)1:00ABC
6Dec. 30Duke’s MayoNorth Carolina (6-6) vs. South Carolina (6-6)11:30 (AM)ESPN
7Jan. 1SugarBaylor (11-2) vs. Ole Miss (10-2)8:45ESPN
8Jan. 1RoseUtah (10-3) vs. Ohio State (10-2)5:00ESPN
9Dec. 28BirminghamHouston (11-2) vs. Auburn (6-6)12:00ESPN
10Dec. 29AlamoOregon (10-3) vs. Oklahoma (10-2)9:15ESPN
11Dec. 30PeachPittsburgh (11-2) vs. Michigan State (10-2)7:00ESPN
12Dec. 29Cheez-ItClemson (9-3) vs. Iowa State (7-5)5:45ESPN
13Jan. 1FiestaOklahoma State (11-2) vs. Notre Dame (11-1)1:00ESPN
14Dec. 21Frisco BowlUTSA (12-1) vs. San Diego State (11-2)7:30ESPN
15Jan. 1OutbackPenn State (7-5) vs. Arkansas (8-4)12:00ESPN 2
16Dec. 30Las VegasWisconsin (8-4) vs. Arizona State (8-4)10:30ESPN
17Dec. 31SunWashington State (7-5) vs. Miami-FL (7-5)12:00CBS
18Dec. 28HolidayUCLA (8-4) vs. NC State (9-3)8:00FOX
19Dec. 27MilitaryBoston College (6-6) vs. East Carolina (7-5)2:30ESPN
20Dec. 22Armed ForcesMissouri (6-6) vs. Army (8-3)8:00ESPN
21Dec. 18LA BowlUtah State (10-3) vs. Oregon State (7-5)7:30ABC
22Dec.18IndependenceUAB (8-4) vs. Brigham Young (10-2)3:30ABC
23Dec. 18Boca RatonWestern Kentucky (8-5) vs. App. State (10-3)11:00 (AM)ESPN
24Dec. 23GasparillaUCF (8-4) vs. Florida (6-6)7:00ESPN
25Dec. 28First ResponderAir Force (9-3) vs. Louisville (6-6)3:15ESPN
26Dec. 29FenwaySMU (8-4) vs. Virginia (6-6)11:00 (AM)ESPN
27Jan. 4TexasLSU (6-6) vs. Kansas State (7-5)9:00ESPN
28Dec. 27Quick LaneWestern Michigan (7-5) vs. Nevada (8-4)11:00 (AM)ESPN
29Dec. 28Guaranteed RateWest Virginia (6-6) vs. Minnesota (8-4)10:15ESPN
30Dec. 18New OrleansUL-Lafayette (12-1) vs. Marshall (7-5)9:15ESPN
31Dec. 17CureNorthern Ill. (9-4) vs. Coastal Carolina (10-2)6:00ESPN 2
32Dec. 30Music CityTennessee (7-5) vs. Purdue (8-4)3:00ESPN
33Dec. 18New MexicoUTEP (7-5) vs. Fresno State (9-3)2:15ESPN
34Dec. 29PinstripeMaryland (6-6) vs. Virginia Tech (6-6)2:15ESPN
35Dec. 21Famous Idaho PotatoKent State (7-6) vs. Wyoming (6-6)3:30ESPN
36Dec. 25CamelliaGeorgia State (7-5) vs. Ball State (6-6)2:30ESPN
37Dec. 31ArizonaCentral Michigan (8-4) vs. Boise State (7-5)2:00Barstool
38Dec. 17BahamasMiddle Tennessee (6-6) vs. Toledo (7-5)12:00ESPN
39Dec. 24HawaiiMemphis (6-6) vs. Hawaii (6-7)8:00ESPN
40Dec. 20Myrtle BeachOld Dominion (6-6) vs. Tulsa (6-6)2:30ESPN
41Dec. 18Lending TreeEastern Michigan (7-5) vs. Liberty (7-5)5:45ESPN
42Dec. 23Frisco Football ClassicNorth Texas (6-6) vs. Miami-OH (6-6)3:30ESPN
Playoff Semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - College Football  Playoff

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