Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament Game Intrigue Rankings

Here is my (mostly objective/slightly subjective) ranking of Sweet 16 games from most anticipated to least anticipated. The main factors considered were: the possibility of an upset, likelihood of a close game, and the existence of other story lines that enhance the appeal of a particular game. At the end of the round, I will create a second list and which ranks each of these games after they are played.

Ranking the NCAA Sweet 16 Games (Pregame)
1(3) Purdue vs. (15) St. Peter’s (Fri 7:09)- CBS (5)
2(2) Duke vs. (3) Texas Tech (Thurs 9:39)- CBS (5)
3(1) Gonzaga vs. (4) Arkansas (Thurs 7:09)- CBS (5)
4(4) UCLA vs. (8) North Carolina (Fri 9:39)- CBS (5)
5(10) Miami-FL vs. (11) Iowa State (Fri 9:59)- TBS (247)
6(1) Arizona vs. (5) Houston (Thurs 9:59)- TBS (247)
7(2) Villanova vs. (11) Michigan (Thurs 7:29)- TBS (247)
8(1) Kansas vs. (4) Providence (Fri 7:29)- TBS (247)

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