Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament (Against the Spread) Picks

These are listed in chronological order by day. Spreads are based on current lines at the Caesar Sports book.

Lock of the week: (4) Arkansas (+9.5) vs. (1) Gonzaga (Thurs 7:09)
(3) Texas Tech (-1.0) vs. (2) Duke (Thurs 9:39)
(5) Houston (+1.5) vs. (1) Arizona (Thurs 9:59)
(4) Providence (+7.5) vs. (1) Kansas (Fri 7:29)
NIT Bonus Pick: Texas A & M (-2.5) vs. Wake Forest (Wed 7:00)

Postseason Tournament Record: 8-7-1 (had a rough Sunday last week but overall I’m still above .500)


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