Week 9 NFL (Against the Spread) Picks

These are in order from my most confident pick to least confident. Lines are based on the current spreads at the Caesars Sportsbook.

Arizona (-2.0) vs. Seattle- (Sun) 4:05– I realize the Cards just got beatdown by Seattle on the road, but the Seahawks are always much better at home than on the road. I also think the Hawks are due for a letdown spot, as they have definitely played over their heads en route to their current 3 game winning streak.
Minnesota (-3.5) at Washington- (Sun) 1:00- The Heinicke magic has got to come to an end sooner than later, and the Vikings have proven to be one of the best teams in the league this season.
Tennessee (+12.5) at Kansas City- (Sun) 8:20- I realize Tannehill is banged up and may not play in this one, but even so, the Titans have played really good football on both sides of the ball the past few weeks. In addition, they play a ball control offensive style which makes it difficult for them to get blown out.
Cincinnati (-7.0) vs. Carolina- (Sun) 1:00– The Bengals have hit their stride after an uneven start to the season, and I think they are in a perfect spot to dismantle a Panthers squad which may still be reeling from last week’s heartbreaker in Atlanta.
Las Vegas (-1.0) at Jacksonville- (Sun) 1:00- These are two teams in desperate need of a win, but I think the Raiders have the edge here, even on the road, as the wheels have seemed to completely fallen off in Jacksonville this season after a promising start.

Last Week’s Record: 3-2, Overall Season Record: 26-14 (My incredible pro football run continues!)


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