Worst Sports Moments of My Life

Worst Sports Moments of Life
1 Christian Laettner hits buzzer beater to beat Kentucky in Elite 8 (1992)
2 West Virginia beats Wake Forest in 2nd Round of NCAA Tourney (2005)
3 Refs screw Arizona State out of Rose Bowl and National Title (1997)
4 Tom Watson loses British Open heartbreaker (2009)
5 California Chrome loses Belmont Stakes (2014)
6 Undefeated New England Patriots lose to NY Giants in Super Bowl (2008)
7 Kenny Perry chokes away Masters on final two holes (2009)
8 Kentucky loses national title game to Arizona (1997)
9 Cleveland State upsets Wake Forest Bball in NCAA 1st Round (2009)
10 Black Friday of College Football (2010): Cam Newton/Boise choke
11 Duke beats Butler in NCAA Basketball title game (2010)
12 North Carolina bball wins NCAA Basketball title game (2017)
13 Wisconsin beats undefeated Kentucky in Final Four (2015)
14 Uconn beats Butler in NCAA Basketball title game (2011)
15 Uconn beats Kentucky in NCAA Basketball title game (2014)
16 Tim Henman loses Wimbledon semi to Goran Ivansevic (2001)
17 Smarty Jones loses Triple Crown (2004)
18 Ohio State selected for first CFP Playoff and then wins it (2014-2015)
19 Clemson beats Alabama in College Football National Title Game (2017)
20 Green Bay Packers beat New England Patriots in Super Bowl (1997)
21 New York Giants beat New England in Super Bowl…Again (2008)
22 Real Quiet loses Triple Crown in photo finish (1998)
23 Cubs and Red Soxs both blow away championship series (20003
24 Arizona Cardinals lose heartbreaker to Pittsburgh Steelers in SB (2009)
25 Texas Rangers choke away World Series to St. Louis Cardinals (2011)

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